The exclusive concierge service centered around the exclusivity of private aviation.


Whether your seeking an experience of discovery and thrill discovering the most far away destinations among the well to do and privileged class or your require the assistance with your corporate travel Marquis does private aviation first.

Maquis brings it’s years of experience in private aviation along with it’s sophisticated and refined elegance in providing a first class exceptional service to each and every client. Wherever your journey may takes you we are there every step aboard and landing on the ground. Our experience and commitment to providing the expertise to support your travels allow your business and pleasure experience to be seamless and without concern.
When flying with Marquis, you are not just booking a private jet, but embarking on an unforgettable journey that was tailored with you in mind with personal touches that make it unforgettable. Our clients come from all around the world and speak hundreds of different languages, but the one thing that connects them all is their appreciation for the finer things in life. With over a decade of experience in the luxury travel industry, our knowledge on the lifestyle of the elite is unparalleled.


Marquis first and foremost understands the jetset life and all the requirements to fulfill the expectations that are lived by. We believe in personalized service, which is why we curate customized lifestyle experiences. Our team of lifestyle managers put your travel needs and desires at the forefront of their commitments to ensuring every facet of your adventure. Our knowledgeable and skilled experienced advisors have scoured the world for the most exclusive destinations, events and the best quality aircrafts and service to get you there to ensure each client has the very best at every step of the way without any limitations (within reason). 


Our exclusive partnership with one of the most well respected and trusted jet provider allows us to source our clients the highest quality aircrafts in any cabin size in the industry extended into a expansive network of trusted and reputable partners around the globe. Not only is safety our priority but also allows us the best competitive pricing, which is unparalleled for the level of service provided. Our quotes are presented based on availability and confirmed with 24 hours of contract signatures. Our “pay-to-fly” branding allows our clients to be in control of their travels and we are here to support that and provide the best quality experience in private travel. We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to accommodate your private jet needs. No matter what the size of aircraft from short regional trips to international chartered airways, we can get you there. Sometimes within 3 hours of booking we can have you on the tarmac with wheels up.


Our small yet dedicated group of highly trained luxury lifestyle travel advisors offer a unique, personalized service that is comprised of member profiles that are tailored to client’s needs, past experiences, interests, and lifestyle. Our team of dedicated concierges has scoured the world for the most exclusive destinations and events, and unique access to the unknown which ensures our clients have the very best at every step. Customized travel itineraries specifically designed to your requirements in the best aircrafts around the world. We not only can get you there, we will get you there in the class, sophistication, and ease you deserve when living the jetset lifestyle


To gain something extraordinary, it must be exclusive to someone who’s worth gaining it. This is why we our “by invite only” membership program is available to select clients. We have added this exclusivity because we prefer quality clients who can benefit from our catered services and extended network, and obtain access to the luxury of the jetset lifestyle.
We limit the number of members due to the exclusivity of the perks of flying with us. This network of established and sometime new JetSet members have the unique privileges afforded to them for the loyalty and commitment to experiencing a life that most people only dream of. We could share more, but then it wouldn’t exclusive would it?